Sunday, November 8, 2009


My baby boy is 2 years old! Where on earth did the time go? I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I feel like these 2 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Jake has brought so much JOY to our lives and we are incredibly blessed to have the job as mommy and daddy! I'm writing this post actually on November 9 (happy 30th birthday bethany!) and remembering this day 2 years ago. It was the day that Jake was admitted to the NICU and our life had just been turned upside down. It was then during those 8 days in the hospital that I realized I was not in control. That my son didn't belong to me but he belonged to the Lord. That life is fragile and full of unexpected trials AND wonders. That he had been given to us as a most prized blessing. That I had been given an incredible job as his mommy. I have never experienced the sheer wonder of God's goodness to Mark and me when Jake was placed in my arms at 11:30 pm on November 4, 2007. Thank you Jesus!

We had a full week of celebrating his little life. Had a fun birthday party at Arista with some special friends. It's amazing what a big open space with some balls and trucks and rockets can do for little people... not to mention pizza, cupcakes and big colorful lolipops :) On his actual birthday, November 4th, daddy took the day off and we just played as a family. Had a yummy birthday donut, played at the park for forever, took a little nap in his new chair, had fun playing with all his new toys, painted on his easel and celebrated that night with hamburgers. What a great day and week. My kind of birthday... celebrating all week long! :)

Jake's 2 year old stats:
28 pounds (50%)
36 3/4 inches tall (I think) - (75%)

His favorite things include... hotwheels, trucks, trains, tractors (really, anything that has wheels), being outside ALL THE TIME, reading, terrorizing Lucy, throwing balls, playing in the water, talking on ichat. Loves all kinds of fruits but won't touch veggies with a 10 foot pole. He is all boy and life overflows from his body. He usually leaves me completely exhausted. But all I need is to see his precious smile and to feel his slobbery kiss...

So, here are entirely too many pictures! (the first 2 are out of order- sorry!)

There is nothing that will bring you to your knees in prayer faster than a sick child.

Birthday morning!

Just a few minutes old! Can't believe that this was 2 years ago...

Birthday boy and momma

Birthday boy and daddy (i bet jake says "daddy" about a thousand times a day!)

Friends Max and Sebby

Singing "happy birthday"


Have you seen any happier smiles?!?

Present time


Fun new gifts to play with at Janni and Poppy's house!

And the night ended with a bang (or maybe I should say "explosion")!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Photos

A few weeks ago we were able to have some family pictures taken. Most of you who read our blog have seen this sneak peek on Facebook. For those who haven't... enjoy! We should be getting all the pictures back next week so I may add a few.

ps- i'm trying to get a post done this weekend about Jake's second birthday so stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Wow- 3 posts in one afternoon... DO NOT get used to this! Just trying to take advantage of a quiet house! There are way more things that I should be doing but you know what, to heck with the laundry and the toys that are surrounding my feet! :)

We had a fun Halloween. We started off the day at a pumpkin patch- feeding animals, going through the hay bale maze, feeding the animals again, picking out pumpkins, going back to the animals, and attempting to take some cute pictures... well, we got some pictures, not so sure if they are cute though.

That night we went trick or treating around the square in Healdsburg. All the stores stay open late and pass out candy. Everyone and I mean everyone comes out for it. It's so fun! The square is packed with the cutest little kids dressed up in costumes. It's so happy. I love a happy and nice Halloween. Not so much the scary kind! :) Jake and Pierce wore matching Hanna Anderson pumpkin outfits. I thought they looked so cute! Jake's first experience with candy and LOTS of it was a huge hit!


Everyone has asked me if Jake and Pierce look alike. At times, they look identical. And other times, they don't. Here are 2 pictures of Jake at 3 and 4 weeks. Scroll down to the next post to see pictures of Pierce... You be the judge.

A Picture Update

I should be trying to sleep right now since both boys are doing just that... but really, I find that even the shortest nap makes me all the more tired. So I've decided to send out a little picture update.

Pierce is 5 weeks old tomorrow! I really can't believe how quickly this past month has gone. I'm still in "survival mode" but it's getting better and better each day. Mark has taken alot of time off and my in-laws have been wonderful in helping to entertain Jake. So far Pierce has been such an easy baby! He loves to be cuddled. He's nursing well. Could be sleeping a bit more :) He loves being on his tummy and I have actually started letting him sleep that way too. My prayers just get kicked up a notch though during those times! Jake has been great with him too. It will be such a joy watching them grow up together!

We haven't done much but spend some fun time at home. Our neighbors gave us their train table which Jake is literally obsessed with! My pediatrician has put the fear of H1N1 into me. I got the vaccine a few weeks ago and Jake will get his next week at his 2 year appointment. Hopefully, we all will be healthy this winter!

I'm trying to very slowly get Jake's new big boy room set up. A new twin bed has been moved in, bedding has been ordered, furniture has been sanded and repainted. I'm getting excited about moving Jake out and Pierce into the nursery. Any tips on how to make the transition would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to make the move in January.

We had a great Halloween but will do a separate post for that!

Well, that's all the exciting/not so exciting news from the McWilliams household.

Enjoy the pictures :)

Big brother helping with bath time.

Never without a car...

Sweet kisses

Saying "cheese"