Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Classic

I would say that we woke the kids up at the crack of dawn to come to this but sadly, my kids normally wake up at the crack of dawn... one day they will sleep in, right???  sigh...

Every year in Sonoma county there is a hot air balloon classic and we went for the first time this year.  The boys loved it!

we found a perfect spot to sit and plopped down to watch.  they were so close to us being blown up.

a little glimpse of Jesus in Sonoma County!  :)  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

Jake's last day of preschool was the first week of June.  I cannot tell you how much we have loved being at Live Oak this year.  The school, the teachers, the new friends (that both Jake and I have made) all have been wonderful.  And most importantly, Jake loved every minute of it.

while Twitch here looks a little whatever, the "real" twitch is a (pretend to adults) mouse that lives in a tiny house at the base of a tree on the playground here at live oak.  he sleeps during the day which is why no one ever sees him and he works at night at the local pizza place here in healdsburg.  the kids will write little notes/draw pictures and put them in twitch's mailbox and the next day he has written them back!  it's a precious little tradition and one the kids LOVE! 

jake's final job on the last day- feed the fish- his FAVORITE job!  :)

there was an ice cream party at the end of the class

sweet friend, Ruby and teacher Melanie- we love her!!

Looking forward to going THREE days a week this year!

Memorial Day and a few "extras"

Gracious, I'm behind on my blog.  
Here is a picture of the boys from Memorial Day.  And honestly, I do not even remember what we did.  Sad, right?!  But from the picture it looks like we hung out at Arista and spent the day with Bethany and the McWilliams clan.  And this is the only picture I have from that day.  Sad, again, right?!  :(

and both boys got haircuts the next day :)

We also had some fun painting that afternoon

that's it for now :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

FFA Weekend

The FFA parade and fair in Healdsburg was over Memorial Day.  It's something that we always look forward to but this year was extra fun because Aunt "B" was here with us.

The parade is always a favorite!

i'm not really sure... once again...

my sister has all the fun pictures from the fair the next day but i can't seem to drag them from facebook to my desktop.  sorry.  but we petted all kinds of animals- pigs, cows, rabbits, goats, sheep, guinea pigs.  We ate hot dogs.  We rode a train.  We jumped in bounce houses.  We slid down huge slides.  We had a blast and I'm so glad my sister was here with us!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Annual Arista Crawfish Boil

Mark's brother, Ben, for the past few years has flown in from Louisiana approx 200 pounds of crawfish and this year included some alligator- yikes!  We invite fun friends and have a blast for a few hours.  Jake and Pierce were super into it this year but I, on the other hand, eat my dinner beforehand and pretty much stay at a distance :)

i would love to know what Jake is saying to pierce :)  can you see him pointing his little finger?

such excitement!

 in case you were wondering what 200 pounds of crawfish looks like...

chowin' down- it got spicier and spicier as the night went on... or so I'm told- ha!

a little taste- wasn't a big fan...

attempting a thumbs up- you can tell that he wasn't thrilled with how it tasted :)


Until next year!  Maybe one year I'll have enough courage to have a little taste... maybe...