Sunday, May 23, 2010


I don't HATE many things. I dislike alot of things. But really really HATE, not very many. There is one word in particular that I have been HATING alot lately...
I HATE it. I HATE everything about it. I HATE what it does to a persons body. HATE what it does to the lives of people it effects. HATES that it takes the precious lives of people we love. HATES that it takes up residence in small children. And I REALLY REALLY HATE that it has taken up residence in my dad.

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer just a few weeks ago. Seriously, God??? Why him? Why my daddy? Why our family?

My dad is the most amazing man and I have been blessed in a million ways by being his daughter. He is an incredible husband to my mom. He is an incredible dad to Bethany, Jonathan and me. And he is a super incredible papa to Jake and Pierce. He is a man after God's own heart. He, out of all of us, is probably taking his diagnoses the best! He is at complete peace with it. And that only comes from his total trust in Jesus. I have asked him a few times... "dad, are you really ok with this? I mean, when all the lights are off and it's just you, are you really ok? Seriously, dad, really? Reeeaaaaalllllly???" And you know what, he says "yes" every single time without wavering.

My parents have incredible friends. They have been blessed in a thousand ways by all of them. I will never forget the Sunday just a few days after my dad found out (actually the day after Bethany's wedding!) when he told the church that he had cancer. He spent just a few moments at the end of the service talking about it. He finished and one of the elders came to the front to lead everyone in corporate prayer. I bowed my head and then I just happened to look up and I saw about 50 men making their way to the front to gather around my dad. It was a moment that I will never forget.

So now we begin a new journey. Where will you, Jesus, take us? We have choices to make. We all have choices to make. Sure, my dad has a huge choice and decision treatment wise. But all of us have a choice to make. How is this one thing that I HATE so much, how am I going to let it effect me?
Am I angry? YES!
Am I sad? YES!
Am I scared? YES!
But do I trust God? NO QUESTION!
Is God faithful? WITHOUT A DOUBT!
Is He going to walk beside my dad every step of the way? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!
Is He going to turn His back on us? NOT FOR ONE SECOND!
Is God good? ALL THE TIME!

I got alot of grief from friends saying that I was in Dallas for so long this spring. :) You know, when I booked my ticket I didn't really think anything about it. But looking back now, if I had been in California the night of Bethany's accident I just could not have bared the thought of being so far away. And if I had been in California when my dad called to tell me he had cancer...There was a reason I was at home! Thank you Jesus for letting me be with my family during those moments!

I added a playlist to my blog. Listen to them. They are 2 incredible songs that I have been singing my little heart out to lately.
One is Healer by Hillsong.
You hold my every moment
. You calm my raging seas. You walk with me through fire. And heal all my disease... I trust in You... Nothing is impossible for you... You hold my world in your hands.

The other is All My Praise by Selah.
I will follow You through green pastures
And sing hallelujah to Your Name
I will follow You through dark disaster
And sing hallelujah through the pain

And even in the shadow of death
I will praise You
And even in the valley I will say

Holy, My God
You are worthy of all my praise

I couldn't find the third song I wanted to put on here but go find it yourself and listen to it. It's Faithful One by Selah and it's pretty much incredible!
I walk a narrow road through valleys deep In search of higher ground, on mountains steep And though with feet unsure, I still keep pressing on. For I am guided by the faithful one. Faithful, faithful to the end, My true and precious friend, You have been faithful, Faithful, so faithful to me

Will you join me in praying for my dad? Will you join me in trusting that he will be healed? He is scheduled for surgery on Monday, June 21. After that we will know what our next step is. Thanks dear friends!

Mother's Day 2010

Dear Jake and Pierce,
What perfect and precious little blessings you are to me. Nothing in the whole world (besides being married to your daddy) makes me happier than being your mommy. You both make me incredibly proud and I am honored that Jesus gave me you to love on, to teach, to play with, to smile with, to laugh with, to cry with, to sing with, and really just to grow along beside everyday. I can't promise that I won't make mistakes in being your mommy but what I can promise you is that I will never ever ever stop loving you.
And one day when you both are older I hope that you look at this picture and both say, "sorry mom!"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 1/2 months

Well, I finally got Pierce to the pediatrician for his 6 month check up... only a month and a half late. It's what I get for being in Dallas for 7 weeks! :) I had just taken him and Jake in 2 days before since they were both sick- 2 fevers, 3 out of 4 ears infected (including pus!), one yucky cough and one "wicked" sore throat. Anyways, we were back on Friday for his "official" visit. I just love Pierce so much that it feels like my heart could just burst at the seams.
It's funny to look back at the 2 months we were in Dallas. We got there right before he turned 6 months. He was just barely sitting and barely eating baby food. In a matter of just 3 weeks, he literally "took off." He is now crawling all over the place. Even pulling up to a standing position and walking the length of the couch or coffee table. We have a bet going on that he will be walking by 10 months... we'll see!

Official stats :
28 inches long (75%)
17.14 pounds (30%)- he has dropped a little but the pediatrician doesn't seem to be worried since he has obviously become a very active child! :)

Other things from the past 2 months that i want to remember:
Sat all by himself just a week before 6 months.
At 6 1/2 months he went from laying to sitting, crawling on all 4's (2 whole months earlier than Jake!), and standing up. Seriously, all within about 2 weeks. Boom boom boom- just like that! Our pediatrician says to just get ready, he is going to be a pretty active toddler! Good grief!
He had his first ear infection at 6 months and his second one at 7 1/2 months along with a yucky cough and a "wicked" sore throat- just breaks a momma's heart!
Sleeps at night from 7:00 pm to anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30 am
Takes 2 naps. Wish he would take a short 3rd nap but rarely does. I guess he has too much life to live :)
Cries almost immediately when Jake starts to cry- sweet little man already has such a sensitive heart... that or he really hates hearing his brother pitch a fit (but then so do I)!
Speaking of big brother, Pierce has to be wherever Jake is. Loves him so much. I really can't wait to watch them grow up together and be just the best of buds.
He is almost able to hold his bottle by himself.
Loves all fruit. Likes some vegetables. Hates cereal.

happy as a little lark this boy is!

a boy and his truck :)

(i know, so sorry for only 2 pictures! but we have run out of memory on our computer and are anxiously awaiting a new internal hard drive... more pics to come soon... i hope!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bethany's Bridal Pictures

Thought these would be fun to post. I said it before, I have never seen my sister more beautiful!
These pictures were taken by Luke's dad, David.
All of these pictures were hugely blown up and displayed at the reception. And by hugely, I mean hugely! :)

(not sure why this one is so small, it's one of my favorites!)

this was taken at the Meyerson symphony hall

at the brand new opera house in dallas

Bethany's Wedding Week, Part 3

After the rehearsal dinner, Bethany, mom and I went to the Stoneleigh Hotel and spent the night- just us 3 girls. Um, did I mention that we stayed in the Presidential Suite... yes, only my sister would reserve the creme de la creme! She also had the pent house with an awesome terrace for us all to hang out in the next day. Seriously, both rooms?!? :) I digress. All 3 of us climbed into one big bed and just smiled as we drifted off to sleep in utter excitement of the next days activities!
No sleeping in for us. Bethany's hair and makeup girl came a knockin' at 8:30. I spent the next couple of hours watching my baby sister turn into an unbelievable beautiful bride. Makes me smile just thinking about that morning. Bethany and Luke had decided to do all the pictures before the ceremony so at 10:30 the 2 of them had a sweet "first look" moment. Then they were wisked away for like 3 hours of pictures!!! I also should mention that their photographer was from Australia... and he is amazing!!! Bethany came back, pretty whipped but was able to get out of her dress and just relax for about an hour while everyone else got dressed.

The wedding ceremony started at 7. It was beautiful. Incredible, is more like it. I think one of my favorite moments (I did have lots) was waiting for my sister to walk down that aisle. I stood there listening to the AMAZING fanfare played on the organ and I was picturing her and my dad behind those doors and remembering that moment with my dad when I was behind those same doors. What a special feeling. Oh and also, guess who made it down the aisle all by himself... JAKE!!! What a proud momma I was :) The ceremony was so sweet and totally Bethany and Luke. There were tears and laughs. It was a perfect 45 minutes. I was so proud of my sister and so so so happy for her. She deserves the absolute best and Luke is just that for her.

After the ceremony, we (as in all the guests) met in the church lobby and were greeted by stilt walkers in tuxes and top hats. They were supposed to lead us to the reception about a block away but since it was pouring down rain, they just entertained us for about 30 minutes while people were getting into their cars. We also got a huge "group" shot. Can't wait to see that one too! :)

The reception was at the Dallas Museum of Art and once again, incredible. The food was amazing... bacon wrapped scallops, an avocado bar, 5 different types of mac and cheese, brisket. Her cake was a piece of art... literally! The band was amazing! Once again, I can't wait to see the official pictures. I don't really have any that are that great. Half way through the reception there was a slide show that the photographer had put together of the weekend. Once again, amazing!
We spent the next several hours dancing, eating, laughing, and making lifetime memories. We were exhausted at the end but our hearts were just about to bust with happiness!
Bethany, I can't wait to watch you and Luke grow old together. Remember JOY...

Happy Wedding Day!
Ignore the bed hair folks, we are in the Presidential Suite!

I love this pic, Luke getting "touched up" before pictures.

Love it!

Love it MORE!

I don't have any pictures of the tiny veil she wore. It was perfect with this great flower!

Do you think my hands were full?!?

Right before my dad saw Bethany all ready. It was a precious moment!!!

Give the child anything to keep him occupied... chips definitely worked!

Habecker Family. One of my all time favorite pictures!

Father Daughter dance.

Not sure why this one is so small. I think you can click on it to make it bigger. Told you, a piece of art!

(I am going to try and swipe some more pictures off facebook to add to these. More to come!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bethany's Wedding Week, Part 2

On Friday morning, we had the Bridesmaid luncheon. It was catered by Chocolate Angel and was just completely divine! Friday evening was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at Union Station downtown. It was there in that very (huge) room that Bethany and Luke met for the first time. I think therefore, it was a perfect location for the evening. The food was amazing. Toasts were sweet, hilarious and tearful. The night could not have been more great!

Bridesmaid Luncheon

Rehearsal at First Baptist Church, Dallas. Same place where Mark and I said "I do."

House Party


The future Mr. and Mrs. Luke Edmonson

I love this picture!

Parents of the Bride

Welcome to the family Luke!

Bethany's Wedding Week, Part 1

So not to completely bombard you with pictures, I've decided to break my sister's wedding week into a few different posts.
We actually started the week off with her wreck (see previous post). Bethany's bachelorette party was planned to be on Wednesday, but since she was still in alot of pain we decided to change it up a bit. Everyone still met at MaiLe Nails for some pampering, much needed pampering! Afterwards, instead of heading downtown for dinner we went back to her house. My mom made an incredible meal for all of us and we spent the evening eating, laughing, and celebrating Bethany! Ended the night with Sprinkles cupcakes, cookies from JD's and some fun lingerie for the bride to be. Bethany has some precious friends who love her dearly. It was perfect night.

Bethany's bridesmaids and house party, minus Luke's 3 sisters and a couple other girls.


I love you Buddy Jayne!