Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I don't think this video needs much explaining... oh the joys of sweet little brothers!  :)

Cookies with Jake

I have a few friends that like to bake with their kids.  I read their blogs and look at their cute pictures and see what fun everyone is having and think "I could totally do that with Jake."  Well, you know from my previous post that it has started raining and I thought that's what we will do today before naps and I really wanted to try out a new recipe.

So I got out everything out and ready ahead of time.  Basically all Jake had to do was "dump" it all in.  Easy breezy, right!

Well, one thing that I learned or really was reminded of for the thousandth time... now that I have boys I just really need to accept mess.  I need to remember that boys are messy and that they enjoy getting messy!  The funny thing is that I really wouldn't describe myself as "type A."  My house is hardly ever neat,  I go to sleep sometimes with dishes in my sink (although I do hate when that happens!), I do have a junk drawer and a stack of papers that seemed to never get filed and it sometimes takes me a couple of days to fold the laundry (I'll stop there for now!)  But seeing flour everywhere (because Jake thought we needed more), or having to pick up a cracked egg off the floor just is something that just slightly gets under my skin.

But what I really needed to do is look passed ALL that and watch Jake.  He had a BALL!!!  He didn't care about which dry ingredient to add first or the flour that was all over him or the fact that flour, by itself, is not really that "delicious" (every single ingredient was "delicious") or the fact that he cracked an extra egg into the bowl! or really the fact that he sneezed a few times into the mixing bowl :).  He loved pouring and mixing and tasting and then he really enjoyed "helping" me wash the dishes!

I was hoping to get some really great pictures to document this fun "first" but my mind did not think for one second about grabbing my camera until it was all over :)  But, as all of you as my witness, we will do this again!  :)  And I will say "to heck with being clean and following directions" and I will make sure to document the mess and I will be sure to enjoy every second and to give Jake an extra tight squeeze and thank him for being my little baking buddy!  I may even let Pierce help... well, we won't go that far- haha!

ps- the cookies really turned out delicious... despite the 1/2 extra egg, the little extra flour and the couple of sneezes :)  you should try it out sometime!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here Comes the Rain

Well, the rainy season is here (can you hear me sighing as I type?)  Northern California rain is so weird.  Definitely NOT like good ole TX thunderstorms!  I have never seen lightening and I think I've heard actual thunder maybe twice in the 5 years I've lived here.  Usually it's just a heavy annoying mist.  But it is constant!  My boys want to be outside ALL the time- rain or shine!  Pierce is at the age (unfortunately perhaps) where he will go to the front door and just yell.  He loves being outside more now that he can walk :)

Anyways, I put down Pierce for his nap this morning and Jake was just begging me to go "stomp in the puddles."  So we went... well, he went!

and then we came inside for some yummy hot chocolate to warm our bodies!  :)

So Proud!!!


(we are hoping for a Giants victory tonight so the Rangers can come to San Francisco!!!  may have to dip into our kids school savings and buy a couple of tickets!!!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Bethany came to visit the week we were back in California and we had a blast together.  We all took a trip to the pumpkin patch one afternoon.  It was so hot but they had to wear their matching shirts that their aunt "B" gave them!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I know that everyone says it but seriously... where did this past year go?!?  I canNOT bElieve that Pierce is ONE!!!  As long as some days are the year has literally just flown by.

Sweet baby Pierce, some things I want to remember about you at this stage are...
-you are basically running!  you got your first skinned knee this week
-you love to climb.  i'm afraid that you will be my first child to be taken to the ER... let's hope not though...
- you have 6 teeth- 4 top and 2 bottom.
-you started off eating like a lineman but these past 2 weeks you are starting to pick at your food a little... i think you are watching your brother a little too close.  please don't become a picky eater!  when you are done eating you either just start screaming (not crying but just a loud yell!) and you start to throw your food.  you have also started to shake your head "no."  we are trying to teach you to sign "more" and "all done"- it's so cute watching you watch Jake do it too :)
-it took you a little while to adjust to whole milk.  i think you are going to be a "hot milk" kinda guy- totally opposite of your brother
-you have started clapping and it is the cutest thing
-you  have been waving "bye bye" for a few weeks now
-you are wearing 12-18 month clothes and a few 18-24 month sizes that big brother wore that have shrunk a little
-you do not like wearing shoes
-speaking of feet, your little left foot turns inward slightly.  we are doing soft stretches hoping to straighten it out
-you wear size 3 diapers during the day.  you've been wearing size 5 at night... only because your mom is too cheap to go buy size 4 when she had a stack full of diapers from Jake-
-you are still taking 2 naps- morning around 10ish and in the afternoon around 3 or 4.  but this past week you have NOT wanted to take an afternoon nap... which is driving me NUTS!!!  i have been trying to push your morning nap back a little but you are so tired that i really can't.  it makes your late afternoons a little miserable for all of us :(  normally it's the am nap that drops first... who knows with you!
- you fall asleep perfectly on your own at night but lately have been wanting some help falling asleep with your naps.
-you want to be everywhere Jake is, doing everything he is doing... which is beginning to be a little or perhaps a big problem when Jake is building a tower with blocks or lining up his cars or building a train track
- you have the cutest little curls in the back of your head- i LOVE them to death!  and your hair is blond!
-you have really started to carry around your white blanket.  you love to cuddle up with it in your crib and you always turn around and reach for it when i pick you up from your crib

just a few hours old... seems like yesterday...

and yet this is you now...

We celebrated your actual birthday with donuts in the am.  You LOVED it when we sang happy birthday.  We sang it alot so we could get some good pictures of you :)  Then we headed to the fair.  That night we had hamburgers from JC's.  You love their fries.  A few days later on Sunday, we had a little party for you up at the park with some close friends and family.

My sweet friend Kristin and her little boy Cade (who is 4 days older than Jake) came to the party.  I miss her dearly and was SO EXCITED that I was in town for the birth of her second little boy Graham.  I so wish we still lived in the same city because I just know all of our boys would be the best of friends... just like their mommies!  :)

can you tell big brother was NOT into the pic?  :)

just a few more pictures of the now ONE year old...
 how can I cut those?!?  not anytime soon at least :)

Sweet baby Pierce, you are loved by so so many people but no one loves you the way I do!  You have brought your daddy and me so much JOY.  It is a privilege to be your parents.  We cannot wait to experience life with you this next year!
I love you to the moon and back!