Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healdsburg's Water Carnival

"In the summer of 1908, music, floats, parades and feats of athletic prowess made the first Healdsburg Water Carnival a smashing success."

"The day begins at 11 a.m. as the iconic White Swan float — a re-make of the original 1908 float — comes down the Russian River and passes under Memorial Bridge followed by 24 more floats. "

"The day will include live music, food trucks and old–time activities such as the ‘Whiskeroo’ and Period Bathing Suit Contest. There will also be live music, food trucks, and the city of Healdsburg's Parks and Recreation Department will be running children's activities on the beach."

this was all part of the healdsburg newspaper the week of the carnival and of course we had to go check out this historic event that hasn't happened in several years.

you can see all the people on the old railroad tracks watching the parade

this float says "russian river peace navy" (of course it does- ha!)

healdsburg tribune "float"

 it was seriously such a random water carnival but it was something different and kinda cool and most importantly, the boys loved it :)

we didn't stay for the activities on the other side of the river because we were already late for a birthday party so until next year!


It's not news to anyone that I don't like to camp.  I don't like sleeping on the ground (and I know that is what they make air mattresses for...).  I don't like being dirty.  I don't like using the bathroom outside.  I like my house and my bed and my shower.  Not going to lie.  I am a city girl all the way!  And fortunately, Mark is kinda sorta on the same page as me- not so much the "city girl" type but the not a fan of camping type.  But we figured that we should introduce Jake to camping for a night but that we should do it at Arista and it was going to be quick and easy.  The house was close enough that they could sleep there if things didn't pan out or go there to have breakfast.  Mark wasn't quite ready for Pierce to join in so I offered to stay home with him- phew!

Well, Jake. Had. A. BALL!!!  Of course he did, Jennifer!!  They went after dinner.  Made a small campfire and had smores.  Told stories.  Listened for coyotes and raccoons and finally fell asleep after 10.  Both of them tossed and turned and didn't sleep that great but loved it nonetheless.  I don't see a weekend camping trip in our near future but it was a fun first experience for Jake and Mark!

Smiles and snuggles

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above... James 1:17

thank you, Jesus, for my two little gifts!

"What are you boys doing out there?"

i heard some giggling coming from my back patio after i asked the above question... never a good thing...as soon as i took a peek i ran to get my camera...

almost everyone asks me "where does Pierce get his BLOND hair".  well, not from his parents :)  my best guess is from some of our siblings who had blond hair when they were little.  but it's seriously so funny to me and it's one of the things that i love most about him!  i know he won't have it forever so i'm loving it LOTS now!

"ta da!"  a sticker masterpiece on the legs of pierce

i hope they continue to love each other the way they do now!  it's precious to my heart!

Fourth of July Flag

I forgot to post a picture of the flag I made for the Fourth! 
( I combined a couple of different "tutorials" to come up with it but I made it out of beadboard.)

Dallas in July

We spent the first 2 weeks of July in Dallas and left just as temps were creeping into the 105+ temps.  WHOA!  The biggest deal for me personally on this trip was... I traveled with the boys BY MYSELF!  I did it!  Buying Pierce his own seat was my lifesaver.  Everyone had their own seat and really we all did great :)  I had enough people praying for me and I know it worked!!

We spent every morning in the pool.  We spent every afternoon after naps in the pool.  And we spent the last hour of the day in the pool.  And many nights the later counted as baths.  Does that make me a bad mom??!  :)  And we LOVED every second! (and i'm so mad at myself for not taking any pictures... all i have are videos- ugh!)

Here are some highlights of our 2 weeks in Dallas...

all snacked up and happy and ready to get to "dallas texas"

we spent a morning visiting the GINORMOUS cabella's store in allen- boys. loved. it!

we rode the DART train down to northpark and saw "cars" (on my birthday- my how birthdays have changed- ha!)
please look at Jake's face- priceless excitement :)

but i got to pick lunch- it was not a difficult decision!  i LOVE chick-fil-a!!

spent 4th of july with my family watching fireworks from TCA (my school from 1-12 grade)

i seriously can't get enough of this little person!

had a family "first"- took the boys to their first baseball game.  it wasn't the rangers but the roughriders (minor league team here in dallas) and it was just as fun!

mark and i had a date :)

and what's a trip to dallas without visiting the john deere tractor store?!?

As always, our time in Dallas goes way too fast!  My parents go above and beyond in loving us and spoiling us and every moment is treasured!  Until November...

Father's Day

We had a wonderful day celebrating Mark on Father's day.  He is an incredible dad to both Jake and Pierce and we ALL just completely adore him!