Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's official... we are 6!

I had every intention of blogging the night before baby #4 was born.  It would have been interesting for me to read now what I was feeling then.  My emotions were literally ALL OVER THE PLACE!  I was terrified.  I was anxious.  I was nervous.  I was excited.  I was ready.  I was most definitely NOT ready.  I was happy.  I was sad.

My OB, who I absolutely adore is in SF and with all my babies, with the exception of Pierce, I have had scheduled inductions.  I think she doesn't want to risk me going into labor in Healdsburg and having to make the 1.5 hour drive into the city.  Uh, me neither!  I love my husband and have all the faith in the world in him but the thought of him helping me to deliver a baby on the highway… let's not even go there!  Back to the morning of April 7.  Mark and I left the house around 7 and got to OB reception at 8:15 and got checked in.  Mark took off shortly after that and headed to the airport to pick up my dad.  I was so thankful that he could be in town for the delivery of this baby!  Not to go into many details but a few things that I want to remember… let's face it… with FOUR children now, chances of me remembering anything are slim to none.  So… pitocin started at 9:30 and my water was broken at 10.  Cue contractions.  Mark and dad came back and sat for a little while and watched nascar.  Lovely.  Then they left again for lunch.  I was actually thankful for a little quiet.  I needed to be still and pray and have the Lord quiet my heart.  I needed Him and His reassurance that He's got this handled.  He's with me and He's in control.  About 1:15 I was done with pain.  Y'all, it was bad and I couldn't push that call button fast enough to get that glorious needle in my back.  It was in at 1:30 and around 2 pm I was finally pain free.  Oh, and at 1:45 I was dilated to an 8.  I made it to an EIGHT.  I'm a rockstar.  Kidding.  Well, actually I totally am.  I seriously do not know how people have babies without drugs.  Drugs are there for a reason.  Free for the taking (not literally, I wish!).  Anyways, at 2:20 I was ready to push and about 4 contractions later I was helping to pull out my baby… GIRL!!!!!

A couple things about that.  Yes, I reached down and helped pull her out.  Kinda.  Back story.  I did it with Macie and it was the greatest thing I ever did.  There are no words to describe that incredible moment.  I'll remember it for always.  So with baby #4, I wanted to do the same.  Baby girl came out with the cord around her neck and as blue as a smurf.  My OB had to bring her back down and literally yank that cord.  For about 7 seconds I was terrified.  Once she got it unwrapped, I was able to take her and lift her up and see with my own eyes that this baby was actually a GIRL.  I had another baby girl.  Jesus had heard my silent prayers for Macie to have a little sister.  I couldn't believe it (still can't!) and I have never been more thankful!

Several minutes later my dad walks in and with tears in my eyes AND in his eyes, I was able to introduce him to his new granddaughter!  My parents have 3 granddaughters 14 months apart.  Will we have fun or what?!  Mercy, that actually kinda scares me :)  About 25 minutes later, in walks my mom and Mark's mom.  It was so fun being able to see their faces when we told them in person she was a she.

Margaret 'Maggie' Mae McWilliams.  Born April 7, 2014 at 2:33 pm.  7.2 pounds.  20 inches long.  A perfect teeny little gift straight from Heaven.

A few thoughts.  Oh how the Lord is so good to us!  How He provides in every way possible.  How He takes care of our needs.  How He whispers encouragement.  How He pours out His love to us.  How He dances over us.  How He removed every ounce of anxiety the moment Maggie was put on my chest.  It's hard to look back knowing I was so nervous about having this baby.  But then again it's not.  I just HAD a baby… 14 months ago.  It's perfectly NORMAL to be nervous about how we are going to make this work.  How I am going to be a mother to 4 kids.  Thankfully, we have some amazing family and friends who have stepped up and helped tremendously these last 3 weeks.

So where are we TODAY?  Today, miss Maggie is THREE weeks old.  She is adored by ALL of us.  Big brothers can't get enough of her.  Big sister can't kiss her enough (in fact, she's the only one Macie will give kisses to).  None of us can even imagine our life without her.  We are in love with Maggie Mae and are treasuring every moment with her.  Me personally, I'm holding her a little too much (which is impossible!) and at moments I can't take my eyes off of her.  I'm honestly just enjoying every single second with her.

Whew!  That's it for now.  I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, 
Miss Maggie Mae McWilliams!

moments before meeting her

moments after

her big brother and her big sister

these pictures didn't upload in order- 3 weeks old here

biggest brother holding her for the first time

one week new

3 days new- wearing the same dress that I wore home from the hospital as well as big sister Macie!

sweetest dreams

2 week checkup- 6.8 pounds!

first official picture as a family of SIX!

the first of many girl talks!

so alert!

As you can tell, we are madly in love with this teeny tiny little love!  I'm a blessed momma.