Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Guessed It... More Trains!

One might think that I am feeding Jake's obsession with trains... I probably am. But seeing this kid's smile when he is around them makes it totally worth it! :)

This past weekend, Mark's sister, Mary Katherine got married at Arista (another post to come). It was incredibly small, immediate family and a few close friends. While the wedding party was out wine tasting on Friday, my parents, the boys, and our cousins from Austin loaded up and headed to Train Town in Sonoma.

Despite the cold and damp weather, this place was so much fun! It's like a tiny amusement park and the main attraction is a train you can ride. I don't know who loved it more- Jake or my dad (remember, he is slightly obsessed too)! It's about a 20 minute ride. You stop half way at this little kid's town, with a petting zoo, a fort to climb on and a little miniature town to play in. It was a hoot! After the ride, we jumped on the carousel and then on a plane ride. Jake's first "roller coaster." Adults weren't allowed to ride and Jake barely was tall enough. I just knew that he might be a little scared but boy was I WRONG! He loved it! He rode with his cousin Max and the 2 had a ball together!

Evidently if you go on a Saturday or Sunday more rides are open. So we may have to go back when it's a little warmer. It was a success and we loved it!

Jake, Mark and Marcus.

Isn't this incredible?!?

Andrea and I.
Mark and her husband, Dean, are first cousins and they live in Austin. We adore them and their kids.

The first time and last that Jake is in a saloon! :)

Mom and I.

Mark, Madison and Jake.

They're off!

Have you seen a happier smile?!?

Jake and his co-pilot, Max.

Up in the train tower.

My dad... loving it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Like Momma Like Son

He definitely takes after his momma! :)
(my sweet little toothless buddy)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Santa's Village

One of our very first fun activities we did once we got to Dallas was go visit Santa's Village at the Richardson Public library. I'm mad I didn't take more pictures because this place is so great. So many fun things to do and people to see... including Santa himself. It was freezing and so crowded we didn't spend much time there but was able to snap a few pictures. Jake's favorite part was the little petting zoo.

"Hold it right there Mr. Bunny"


Christmas 2009

If I don't write about Christmas now, I will end up forgetting about our day... even more! It feels so long ago. I think the best part about Christmas this year was waking up to SNOW!!! It was a first for all of us. Since Jake still doesn't really "get" Santa we decided to make up our own rules about him this year :) So instead of Jake being bombarded by all his toys first thing in the morning, Santa made a few trips to my parents house throughout the day... hey, why not, right?!? It was pretty darn cute. Jake would be playing and all of a sudden would hear some jingle bells and then the doorbell. He jumped up immediately and say "santa, shhhh" and go running to the living room. Low and behold new toys!!! We had a great and relaxing day just being together as a family- and playing in the snow! I'll let the pictures do all the talking. Enjoy!

I just had to put this picture in. It's Christmas Eve and WAY past his bedtime. Sweet guy, was in a daze watching a little movie waiting for us to finish dinner.

Santa's elves putting together Jake's tool bench.

Look! They DO read directions!!!

It's Christmas morning and I'm SO EXCITED!!!

All smiles.

Checkin' out Santa gift #1- a huge hit!

Little Pierce just taking it all in!

Lovin' on his aunt "B"

Playing in the snow.