Thursday, December 31, 2009

My toothless little man.

Well, we made it through today! It was a rough one for me. Everyone told me that it would be harder on me than on Jake and everyone was right. My sweet little buddy was a champ. I'm so proud of him.

This morning at 8:30 am we headed to the dentist to have Jake's little teeth removed. We chose to have him put under general anesthesia because of his age. They gave me the option of just having him held down while awake but I just couldn't bear the thought of having him go through that process- he would never let another dentist touch him again... or any other doctor I imagine!

The anesthesiologist brought Jake and I back to the room so he could give Jake a shot. Within about a minute Jake was out. Let me tell you folks, that minute was terrifying to watch! To watch my child go from screaming to basically lifeless was not fun. I was singing Jesus Loves Me to him while he was falling asleep and then he just went limp. I handed him to the dr and went to meet Mark and just fell apart. I thought I was going to throw up. Funny, because 15 minutes later the dentist came out and told me that she was through. I started crying again :) Just so thankful that it was over.

Jake did "beautifully" she said. About 20 minutes later we were back with Jake as he was waking up. He was pretty fussy until we started singing again. Ever since Jake was a baby he almost instantly calms when we sing Jesus Loves Me.

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing on the couch watching his new favorite movie, Fox and the Hound and playing with all the new "You did it Jake" toys. It took him a couple of hours to get his sea legs back. It was funny and sad and pitiful and cute all at the same time. He has 2 giant holes in his gums which kinda gives me the heebee jeebies to look at. But we are already getting used to his toothless smile. I know I will come to love it just as much as I did when he had normal teeth and then when he had his chipped teeth. I do have to tell a funny story real quick- we showed Jake his teeth later in the afternoon and he picked them up and tried to put them back in his mouth. Sweet guy!

I know that in the scheme of things, having teeth pulled probably ranks right up there with a hang nail. I have been praying recently for several friends who have small children who are going through chemo and radiation. We were with some friends just last night who have a 6 month old who is about to have her 2nd heart surgery. I can't imagine handing my child over to a cardiac surgeon. I'll take the abscessed teeth. But what I have to keep reminding myself is that God is in control. More importantly, He is faithful and He hears our prayers. There is not a minute that goes by or a thought of ours that goes unheard that the Lord is not aware of. He is my strength. And let me tell you, I need Him! And I'm so glad that He is with me every step of the way.

Thanks for praying. Thanks for listening to me as I type and thanks for letting me share our life with you.
Here are some pictures of our morning and his new little smile (cute, although I'm ready for the obvious holes to close up!) I tried to upload a couple of videos but it was taking forever so I'll try and do it again later...

Playing in the waiting room before.

In recovery.

Smiles at the end of the day!

Oh, and by the way...


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trains... yes, AGAIN!

Since our time here in Dallas is quickly vanishing we are trying to squeeze in as many fun things to do as we can. This morning was all about trains! Are yall seeing a pattern here?!? I guess you should know a little background on the slight obsession of trains in our family. My dad has been fascinated with them since he was a little boy. He has several train sets but his favorite one he likes to get out for Jake every time we visit. (I don't know who enjoys it more, Jake or my dad?!?) Anyways, Jake always looks forward to playing with them and watching them with my dad. Jake loves Thomas, plays with his trains all the time, and has lots of books on trains too.

Jake doesn't care if he's on the vintage train in Northern California going through vineyards and redwoods or if he's on a DART train going through the concrete jungle of North Dallas. He's a lover of all choo choos.

We donned our train shirt and headed to the station. It was the first time I have ever ridden public transportation in Dallas and it was actually kinda fun. My dad, Mark, Jake and I bought our passes and waited anxiously for the fast train to arrive. Jake squealed with utter excitement seeing that train arrive. Jake loved watching all the cars and mack trucks along 75 as we flew past them. Every time we stopped at a station he would say "more more more" and within a minute we were going full speed once again. I can definitely see why people who work downtown would take the DART rail to and from work. It's totally cheap, you don't have to pay for gas, and you can be downtown in 30 minutes, AND you don't have to sit in lovely Dallas traffic! And I have to admit that there were no scary people on board! Now, I wouldn't ride on it at night alone... I digress...

Anyways, we stopped at the Northpark station and my mom was there to pick us up. We were heading over to the mall but my dad and Jake decided to hop on the DART bus and take it over to the mall instead of getting in the car. Mark and I decided to let them have their own little adventure and we hopped in the car with my mom and Pierce. Jake loves watching buses so I'm sure he loved being on it.

We got to the mall and the boys headed over to the train exhibit while mom and I did some shopping. All the boys loved the exhibit. It truly is pretty unbelievable to watch. They probably could have stayed in there all day if it wasn't getting close to nap time. Mom, Pierce and I got in the car while the others got back on the DART rail and took it back north.

Such a fun adventure for all of us!

Got our passes and are ready to go.

The modern day choo choo!
We left in such a hurry, I forgot my jacket. My dad gave his up :)

Here it comes! Have you ever seen anyone so excited?!?

So intently watching the outside world go by.

Papa and Jake on the bus.

Train exhibit at Northpark.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ode to My 2 Front Teeth

(instead of writing an obituary, we have written an oBITEuary)

Upper Central Incisors were cut August 2008 and removed December 31, 2009 at 9:00 am due to abscesses from a gnarly bathtub accident.
Survived by siblings lower central incisors, lateral incisors, canines, first molars and second molars.
To be laid to rest under Jake's pillow.
To my little brother Pierce, I bequeath my two front teeth.
Rest in Peace chiclets....

Brand new perfect little top teeth.

2 chipped front teeth- doesn't seem to bother him :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa's Lap

I like looking back at the past 3 experiences/years of Jake on Santa's lap...

Year ONE- expected easiness!

Year TWO- unexpected easiness!

Sweet Pierce- starting with expected easiness!
I love his expression- "who the heck is this guy???"

Year THREE- expected hysteria!!!
(Although I did consider going at naptime just to hope for another sleeping picture!)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

...and maybe a thousand laughs!
Merry Christmas Eve from the McWilliams

Holiday Express Riding Train

I had a first the other day... someone asked Mark when I was going to do another post! I was shocked to find out that people other than my family read this :)
(This one's for you Greg and Amy!)

We did something fun as a family tonight. It was the second year in a row for Jake (my parents took him last year) and the first time for Mark and me. There is a man who lives in Richardson who has a train in his front yard from Thanksgiving through New Years Eve. ( He offers free rides for children and adults. It was the cutest little thing and of course Jake LOVED every second of it despite it being close to freezing. I love seeing the pure joy that completely lights up my little boy's face!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lover Of All Things Chocolate

This little guy definitely takes after his momma... who wouldn't love to stuff their face with the good stuff?!?!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big Boy Bed...

Last night was the first night in Jake's big boy bed at grammy and papa's house. He did fairly well considering it was totally new to him. I did, however, peek in this morning and found a slumber party going on! Grammy insisted that she didn't get in until about 4 am. :) His nap today has gone perfectly! We'll see how tonight goes...

Isn't this a cute bed?!? :) Grammy did a great job!

Lookin' pretty comfortable! Sweet guy!

Skunk Train

I have no idea why it's called the Skunk Train but we loved it none the less! A few days before we headed to Dallas we took a little Christmas train ride through the redwoods. Jake is pretty much obsessed with trains (especially Thomas) so we knew that he would love it! He spent most of the ride with his nose plastered to the window. It was about a 90 minute ride (probably 25 minutes too long for a 2 year old!) and all the kids were encouraged to wear their jammies. The train stopped half way and who do you think boarded... none other than Santa and Mrs Claus. They passed out cookies, candy canes and hot chocolate. Jake wanted nothing to do with Santa, just the cookies :) He did love the cute man who played the guitar and harmonica and sang Christmas songs. We had a great time!

Getting ready to board.

So excited!

The "Train Singer"

No thank you!

I'm trying to picture my little buddy without his 2 front teeth... I can't!
(We head to the pedi dentist in the morning to find out when they will be pulled!)


Until next year...